Krystal Hudson - ADU LUXE

Krystal Hudson

Hello Gems,

My name is Krystal Nicole and I am here to help you realize just how precious your hair is and to truly treasure it from the inside out. As a little girl, my mom always made sure my hair was looking bomb whether I had somewhere to go or not and all I had to do was run to her room, pull out one of my bins full of different beads and bows, and decided which ones to wear.

Through starting and pausing beauty school twice, moving to another state, and moving back to Florida I finally graduated school took my state board test two months later and became a licensed cosmetologist. As a driven beauty professional, I dedicate myself to helping people realize just how precious their hair is and to truly treasure it from the inside out. Every visit I make sure to get a better understanding for not only what you want as a client but as well as what your hair needs through out your own personal healthy hair journey. Together as a team we can customize a regimen uniquely for you along with me sharing essential tips and tricks I have learned through out my training to improve the at home maintenance experience for my gems. Gems are precious which is why use that term for my clients. They are my pride and joy at the end of a long road and for that I am grateful.


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