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Tannisha Simone speaks : New Moms and Careers!

Tannisha Simone,

The Life and Times of being a hairstylist and a new mom!

I’m writing this blog to support all the moms out there, going back

to work after maternity leave! What can I say, women of today are

simply amazing! We are jacks of all trades and we’ve mastered those

trades. As a stylist and a new mom I’ve found myself having to

FullSizeRender (1)choose whether I want to be a fabulous hairstylist ,mother and

wife! Or, just the typical woman who’ve just had a baby, and the

postpartum conversation is trying to kick in, telling you,” This is too much! “Leave that makeup, and hairstyling for your clients, you have no time to

be fabulous in my post baby life! What do I say to that?  I’m

putting an end to this notion… hashtag #newborn #nomakeup

#baggyclothes #ponytailandsuch. This one goes out to all those new

moms who are lacking confidence and still feeling like, you’ve delivered

your baby, but not all the weight has fallen off like our celebrity

moms of Hollywood.


Here’s my solution, you were pregnant for

almost 10 months so

  1. DON’T BE SO HARD ON YOURSELF. Give yourself

those 10 months to snatch that body back!! Also lets start to

accentuate the positives, your newly double D’s or baby got back

for those skinny jeans, blazer and a statement necklace goes along


2) DON’T BLAME YOUR CAREER, ENJOY IT. As a stylist going back to

work, it was challenging! Apart of me wanted to be at home with my

bundle of joy, but i knew I had to get back to my career that I’d worked

hard to build! I had to tell my self that I wasn’t a bad mom, I’m a jack

of all trades and, a fabulous wife and mom who had

a career! I must say, having a chance to make

people look and feel amazing about themselves was

a no brainer, so I made the decision to get back in

the salon! I got motivated and it started with my hair!

Thus kicking off my “Be You” campaign! Coming

in February 2016.

2) GIVE YOURSELF A MAKEOVER I gave myself a makeover.

Embracing my natural hair and my double D’s some needed attention and appreciation…#natural#babycrying#bantuonhold#workinthemorning#you get the

point…so, no time for Debbiedowner!!! Let’s get our selves up, we are woman hear us

roar. We are talented, multi tasked, beautiful and, we come in all shapes and sizes!

I am Tannisha Simone, passionate in all thing, choosing to be happy, gracious for joy, loving my family and

an amazing stylist!

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