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The Second Big Chop: Why Naturalistas are Cutting it Off Again


We know what you’re thinking: a second big chop?!

It was hard enough to get yourself to go through with the first big chop. Now you’re reading about doing another one? It makes sense to be totally uncomfortable with the idea of cutting it all off a second time. Despite this, a lot of women are choosing to lop off their locks for the second time.

Cut it Off, Again!

Known as the “second BC”, many women are opting to begin a new natural hair journey with a set of freshly cut kinks. The reason? They’re ready for a second go at going natural. Whether they’re cutting off damage or just ready for something new, these are some of the most popular reasons so many women are going for their second big chop:

1. They Want to Be Newly Natural

Many women rush into going natural with a one-track mind: growing their hair as long as possible. On this journey to get waist-length curls, it’s easy for so many newly natural women to miss the beauty in natural hair at every stage. Women that go for the big chop the second time are often ready to experience every step of natural hair growth all over again. From the sexy TWA to trying wash and go’s at every length, taking time to appreciate natural hair every step of the way is an important part of embracing one’s naturalness.

2. They Need to Get Rid of Damage

Woman with magenta natural hair before the second big chop,

For most people, the first big chop is all about figuring out what works for your natural hair. The trial and error period often brings more error with it in the form of damaged hair. We’ve seen it all: hair bleaching that’s gone wrong or the consequences of over-using heating tools. Oftentimes, it’s too easy to for someone that is newly natural to seriously damage their hair.

The second big chop allows anyone struggling with damaged hair to start again. As damaged hair can never truly be repaired, a second big chop allows you to start fresh.


3. They’re Ready to Do Things the Right Way

In addition to cutting off the damage, many women start their hair journies again so they can do things the right way. Having a successful natural hair journey is all about establishing a routine and finding the right ways to care for your hair. Women that have taken a few months or years to truly perfect their natural hair care look at a second BC as an opportunity to give their new natural hair the best care possible.

Now that you know the right way to take care of your hair, maybe its time to give yourself a second chance. In addition to having undamaged hair, you know the best tips and tricks to get the kinks and coils you’ve been dreaming of since big chop #1.

4. They’re Going Back to the Basics

Moreover, going for a second BC is like putting your natural hair on reset, again. Going back to the basics means getting back to ten-minute wash and go’s, two-minute styling, and ALOT more free time. No matter how efficient your hair routine is, the truth is that longer natural hair takes more time to style and wash.

Looking for a way out of those ultra-long wash days? Tired of spending hours upon hours with styling? Many women that answer yes to these questions see the second big chop as a redemption of sorts. While some women enjoy putting in all the time and effort that comes with lengthy natural hair, others want to save time. Think about it: a sexy short cut AND a time-saving hairstyle? It just might be worth it.

The natural hair journey you’re on brings ups, downs, and surprises. Another big chop can give your curls the refresher they need to bounce back better than ever. Are you truly ready to shake things up with your hair? If so, it may be time to consider cutting it all off, one more time.