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Natural Haircuts: 5 Tips for Finding the Right Salon


Natural haircuts are sexy, but actually getting your hair cut? That can be a nerve-wracking and traumatizing experience. Whether you’ve been with a scissor-happy stylist in the past or you just don’t want to trust someone with your hair, finding the right stylist for a natural haircut is a challenge.

The Secret to Getting the Best Natural Haircuts

While it takes a bit of research to find the perfect stylist to chop it up, that doesn’t make it impossible. If you’re committed to getting the cut of your dreams, keep reading for five ways to find the right salon for the best natural haircuts.

1. Start by Researching what Goes Into a Good Cut

Just as you did your research before going natural, now is the time to refresh yourself on what goes into good natural cuts. If you really want the best natural cut, you need to find a stylist that knows how to cut natural hair.

The first thing to realize about getting your hair cut is that the hair should be cut in its natural form. Many naturalistas find that certain stylists want to blow dry the hair straight before cutting it. However, if you wear your hair natural, cutting it when it’s straight will likely create an uneven cut. Moreover, the added use of heat tools may damage your curls.

Similarly, natural hair should only be cut when it is dry. This will ensure that your final haircut has the most volume and the least damage. When wet, hair is more likely to fray as it is cut.

2. Research Stylists in the Area

As you launch into the stylist search, it’s good to look for a natural hair salon, but be sure to look at all types of salons. Many stylists that are natural hair experts work at full-service salons as well.

When looking for the right stylist, review customers’ comments on Google and any images of clients on the salon’s Instagram and website. If you see a cut you like or a style that is similar to your hair type, make it a point to contact them.

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3. Always Go in for a Consultation

natural hair cuts how to cut hair

Naturalistas hoping to get their hair done ASAP often hate the consultation part of making an appointment. However, this step is an essential part of choosing the right stylist. During this part of the process, the stylist will examine your hair type and texture.

At this point, the natural hair stylist can determine what products and processes to use for your haircut. Moreover, they will be able to determine if the haircut you have in mind will look best with your face shape and hair type.




4. Know What to Ask For

Don’t go into a consultation or appointment with no idea of what you want. While some naturalistas are comfortable with giving their stylist free reign over their hair, a stylist’s idea of a good haircut may not match up with yours. Instead, you should find several pictures of a similar style that works well with your hair type. This will help the specialist create the best look for you.

When asking for your ideal haircut, be sure to share your daily hair routine. This will allow the stylist to better understand how you will care for the haircut on a regular basis.

5. Go with Your Gut and Trust the Process

The last step in finding the right stylist for natural haircuts is to make the decision. In order for a stylist to give you want you to want, it’s best to go into the appointment free of anxiety and fear. Yes, you’re letting go of years’ worth of growth, but you’ve done your research and found the perfect person to trust with your kinks and coils.

With these five steps, you’ll be able to get the cut of your dreams. Have ideas for your next haircut? Tell us about them in a comment below.