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How to Turn Your Natural Hair Wash Day Into a Wash Hour

Natural hair wash day! Anyone new to natural hair may think that a short natural hair wash day is a myth. What with all the detangling and deep conditioning that goes into the washing process, washing natural hair can take forever. As you wash your natural hair on a regular basis, you’ll learn a few tips and tricks that will speed things along.

Ditching the wash day

What really takes the longest when washing natural hair is choosing a routine that gives your hair great results. While there are many different curl patterns and hair types, these tips work with any type of natural hair. Read on for five ways to finish your wash in an hour or less.

1. Limit your sectioning

If you’re a fan of YouTube tutorials, you’ve no doubt seen the method of sectioning your hair while you wash it. Sectioning is great for detangling, conditioning, and washing to ensure that every part of the hair gets the attention it needs without getting tangled. Although it’s important to section the hair, limiting your sections will help speed things up.

Try to put your hair into two or three sections to eliminate 10 or 20 minutes from your routine. You’ll find that it’s easier to shampoo and wash a few sections rather than having to deal with re-sectioning each part as you shampoo and condition your entire head. With only two or three sections you’ll be done faster than ever before.

2. Deep condition your hair at night

natural hair wash day with woman with natural puff.

Deep conditioning is an essential part of your wash day. The longer the conditioner stays in, the more your hair will absorb. Taking that into consideration, it makes sense to put your deep conditioner in the night before you wash. This will allow you to cut your washing time in half and will ensure that your hair gets the full nourishing treatment that it needs.

3. Limit the number of products you use

You may swear by the products that you use, but if they are making your washing and styling process longer than it needs to be, it’s time to cut back. Don’t waste time switching between oils, serums, and gels after you shampoo and condition. Start downsizing by picking two or three products that you absolutely need. By working with only a few products, you’ll be able to nail down your routine and determine which products work best for your hair.

4. Style your damp hair into big twists

There is much more to your natural hair wash day than just shampooing. Put your hair into two large twists to help your hair stretch while it dries. In the event that you don’t twist or braid it after you wash it, you’ll find that your hair is more difficult to work through if it dries as one.

5. Stop Changing Your Natural Hair Wash Day Routine

There is no one way to wash natural hair. That being said, you’ll find that every naturalista has a slightly different wash day routine. Cut through your wash day by putting together a solid routine to follow every time. If you switch things up and try new processes each wash day, you’ll make it much longer than it needs to be.

Caring for your natural hair shouldn’t be a chore. Take matters into your own hands by cutting your wash time down to an hour. With these five tips, you will wash, dry, and style your hair in record time.