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Detailed Halo Braid: Protective Style

Detailed Halo Braid

Detailed halo braid is similar to a crown braid, which involves wrapping two French braids around your head, but instead, you create one long Dutch braid and pile it along your hairline, pinning it in place. Did your eyes just glaze over at that word vomit? Great; cool—we figured. So instead of giving you a thousand-word dissertation on the halo braid, we rounded up the easiest-to-follow tutorials that show you exactly how to copy the look at home, no matter your hair type. Keep reading (and watching), and please be prepared to take at least a billion selfies when you finally master the look.

A Salon Experience

Super stylist Christa Holland whips up another hot trend! Halo Braids are a great trending protective style! Heres a way to give it your own Flava and spice it up a bit!!!! I did not create this style but i was inspired to recreate it and add my own twist!!




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