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7 Easy Natural Hairstyles


In the natural hair community, many people think there’s no such thing as easy natural hairstyles–but is it true?

We don’t think so. Yes, there are certain styles that can be time-consuming (box braids, we’re looking at you!), but styling your natural hair doesn’t have to be a painful or difficult process. If you’re ready to switch up your look with something simple and stunning, check out the following seven hairstyles that are perfect for natural hair.


easy natural hairstyles1.Bantu Knots

Originating in Africa, Bantu Knots are a major trend these days. Easy to style, these Bantu Knots are worn as small coiled buns placed tightly against the head. Whether you wear them casually or class them up for a date night, Bantu Knots work well with any hair type. When you’re ready to take them down, you’ll have beautiful curls that you can wear as a Bantu Knot-out.






easy natural hairstyles

2. Fulani Braids

Fulani braids are braids with forward-facing plaits, with one large braid going down the middle. Typically decorated with braid jewelry, Fulani braids are easy to wear and require very little effort to style. Named for the Fula people of West Africa, Fulani braids look best when done by professionals. Looking for the best braiders in South Florida?

All Dolled Up has a braiding team like no other when it comes to Fulani Braids. Be sure to reach out to Anthea Rolle for a look like this!



3. Wash and Define

The wash and define is a new take on the standard wash and go. When you embrace the simplicity of the wash and define, you’re giving your hair the opportunity to shine in its purest form, with minimal manipulation, stretching or styling tools.  While it may take you a little while to define all of your kinks and coils, the results you get look completely effortless. What’s more, when done properly, your wash and define can last for several days. Myriam Muhammad is our go-to for an excellent wash and define!





4.easy natural hairstyles  Finger Coils with Side Braids

Looking for chic easy natural hairstyles? Then this look is for you. The finger coils with side braids look pairs the neatly parted cornrow look with the fun and sexy style of finger coils. This hairstyle starts off with a few side braids on both sides of your head and finishes the look with loose finger coils. Want a look like this? Set up an appointment with Tannisha Simone today.




easy natural hairstyles

5. Twist Outs

Nailing a perfect twist out is something every naturalista secretly hopes for. Whether you have a favorite twist out routine of your own or you visit a professional, a successful twist out is a staple when it comes to easy natural hairstyles. Need help getting your hair to look its best after a twist out? Book an appointment today at All Dolled Up Salon to get your curls popping.






easy natural hairstyles

6. Kinky Top Knot

The kinky top knot bun is without a doubt one of the simplest and fastest easy natural hairstyles that any hair type can pull off. With a fair amount of gel and a few scrunchies, you can pile your coils high into this elegant and gravity-defying look. Another reason naturalistas love this style is for its versatility. Whether you have a braid out, freshly washed hair or three-day-old wash and defined hair, this look is still a head-turner.





easy natural hairstyles

7. Half Up – Half Down with Space Buns

This half up half down hairstyle features space buns, as they are affectionately called. Tied into two top knots, the space buns are a cute and flirty way to spice up the half up half down style with kinky hair. For the leave out, consider defining your coils with finger coils or shingling with gel or similar products. Want to copy this look? Ayanna Hodge has you covered.





These seven easy natural hairstyles work well with any occasion and any hair type. Try each style to see which one you like better. For more tips to speed up your styling process, consult with a natural hair specialist today. Do you have any favorite simple natural hairs tykes of your own? Leave us a comment and share your thoughts.