Color Inspirations for Naturals that Make Your Kinks and Coils Pop!

5 Color Inspirations for Naturals!


Setting the bar for better color inspirations for naturals, today’s naturalistas are doing the most with their kinks and coils. The most iconic looks aren’t holding anything back when it comes to choice of color.

New Color Inspirations for Naturals

Ready to give your hair a new look? Keep reading for five of the best color inspirations for naturals.


1. Looking for a Classic Style? Burgundy is it!

There’s nothing quite as iconic as the pairing of burgundy and brown skin. This wine-toned shade is a combination of red and purple. Burgundy is one of the best color inspirations for naturals because of how easily it blends with your hair’s natural color. Furthermore, choosing to leave your roots their original color is another way to make this look really work. However, if you prefer a whole head of burgundy, the color will still look just as stunning.


Woman with platinum blonde natural hair

2. Not Afraid to Turn Heads? Try Platinum Blonde

When it comes to color inspirations for naturals, blonde is definitely one of the most coveted styles. While it is one of the hardest colors to achieve, platinum blonde natural hair is a stunning color for daring naturalistas. Believe it or not, blonde is one of most complimentary tones for darker skin and this shade of platinum blonde is no exception. Moreover, women that are fearless enough to go for this look should be ready for all the compliments and head turns they’re going to receive.

Man with natural hair dyed blue

3. Choose Blue for a Total LOOK

This blue ombre is definitely a look. If you’re ready for the epitome of cool, this style is it. In this look, the way the black of the natural hair melts flawlessly to an icy cool blue is a work of art itself. If you’re ready to live the edgy life you’ve always dreamed of, try blue.







woman with natural hair dyed purple

4. Go Purple for Vibrant Kinks and Coils

Purple really pops against brown skin. When dyeing natural curls this beautiful violet shade, you’ll see just how much the color really brings out your features. Whichever way you choose to style your hair, you’ll find that going purple adds a more youthful tone to your look. Likewise, purple is a great option for naturals that want to add just the right amount of fun to their lives.






Woman with natural hair dyed red

5. Turn Heads by Going Red

Vibrant and full of passion, going red with your coils is one of the best choices for a new look. Red: the color of love, sunsets, and the best shade of lipstick. If you’re opting for a fiery makeover, this color is it.  Red was truly made for naturalistas–whatever your skin tone, there is a shade of red that will compliment you perfectly.





How to Color Your Hair Properly

Suddenly inspired to hop on the colorful natural hair trend? Do it! However, make sure you do what is necessary to color your hair properly.

As you research coloring your hair, the first step is to contact a natural hair salon for a consultation. If you’re looking for truly qualified stylists and colorists, All Dolled Up is the right choice for you. Likewise, stylists like Myriam use the best products on the market to find the right shade for you.

Let your hair live its best life by spicing it up with a bit of color. Whether you try one of these five colors or you choose something completely unique, you’ll definitely love your new look.

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